Learn the practice of the price action method found in Vol.1 with highly detailed examples and many extra details.

Price action trading vol.3


  • Built on scientific principles.

  • 12 HD video lectures.

  • Applicable in ANY market and ANY timeframe.

  • It can be used by itself or in alignment with FFS, MMS, NTS & PAT1

  • Immediatelly available to download.

  • High level information for low cost.

  • Precise Technical Analysis Techniques/Setups.

  • Frequent Trade Opportunities.

  • Simple, Solid and Safe Risk Management Guidelines.

  • Understand the Nuances of Price Action Vol.1

  • Email Support


table of contents

  • 1 - Ambiguity in the B-Axis and Failure of Measuring Volatility Range

  • 2 - Market Duality and the Symmetry Between Stable and Unstable Conditions

  • 3 - Variable Trading Time, Flow Transformations and Circular Decomposition

  • 4 - Strange Manipulation and the Importance of the Reverse Engineering Principle

  • 5 - Chaotic Dynamic Frequency Breakouts and Dynamic Between Price Vectors

  • 6 - The Reverse Von Restorff Effect, the Nobel Prize in Economics and Pitchforks

  • 7 - Market Manipulation, Momentum Vectoring and Powerful Lines

  • 8 - The Dynamic of a Precise Entry and the Elements of a Great Trade

  • 9 - The Intricate Relationship Between Players in Different Fractal Dimensions

  • 10 - Advanced Praxeological Lines, Good Stops, and Trading on the Edge

  • 11 - The Asymmetry of Volatility Dissipation and Rationality in the Market

  • 12 - Trading with Simple Lines and the Cascading Effect of Imprecision



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