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Introduction to Fractal Trading

Advanced Trading Course vol.1

The first volume of the Advanced Trading Course builds the necessary theoretical foundation for fractal trading based on Chaos Theory. We start with the premise that markets are chaotic, but chaos is not random. It's a higher degree of order, so to understand the markets, we need to grasp the sciences that study the phenomenon of chaos first.

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nonlinear dynamics

Understand the Order Behind Chaotic Price Movement

To understand the higher degree of order behind chaotic price movement, you'll be introduced to the science of nonlinear dynamics. You'll be able to see how chaos emerges out of order and how order can be extracted from chaos. This will change the way you see the markets forever.

Fractal geometry

Undertstand the geometry of price

The perfect shapes of Euclidean geometry cannot capture the nuances, roughness and asymmetries of price. For this reason, in this course, you'll be introduced to the world of fractal geometry. The mathematics of rough and asymmetrical shapes that repeat inside themselves like price action.

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fractal finance

Overcome the deep flaws of standard finance

The standard theory of finance is filled with deep flaws and incorrect assumptions about how the markets work. The Fractal View of Finance offers a more realistic approach and allows the trader to get on the right track.

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  • Built on solid scientific principles.

  • 32 high quality and straight to the point lessons.

  • Understand nonlinear dynamics, fractal geometry, and fractal finance for trading with ease.

  • Over 2 hours of condensed material.

  • 128 practice questions for you to test your knowledge.

  • Certificate of completion.

  • Unique material that cannot be found in any other trading course.

  • One-Time Payment. Yours Forever.

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table of contents


  • 0 - Introduction

Nonlinear Dynamics

  • 1 - Functions

  • 2 - Iteration

  • 3 - Attractors & Repellers

  • 4 - Time Series Plots of Dynamical Systems

  • 5 - The Geometry of Iteration

  • 6 - Iteration of Linear Functions

  • 7 - The Logistic Equation

  • 8 - Parameter Variation in the Logistic Equation

  • 9 - Chaos From Order

  • 10 - The Butterfly Effect

  • 11 - Simulating a Price Chart with the Butterfly Effect

  • 12 - Bifurcation Diagrams

  • 13 - Universal Properties of Chaos

  • 14 - Predictable Unpredictability

  • 15 - Randomness

  • 16 - Conclusions about Chaos and Financial Markets.

Fractal Geometry

  • 17 - Introduction to Fractal Geometry

  • 18 - Mathematical Fractals & Iteration

  • 19 - Mandelbrot Set

  • 20 - The Chaos Game

  • 21 - Fractal Dimension

  • 22 - The Fractal Geometry of Price

  • 23 - The Hurst Exponent

Fractal Finance

  • 24 - Introduction to Standard Finance

  • 25 - The Markov Process Assumption

  • 26 - Brownian Motion

  • 27 - Supply & Demand, Brownian Motion & Randomness

  • 28 - The Gaussian Assumption

  • 29 - Einstein, Hurst & Volatility

  • 30 - The Efficient Market Hypothesis

  • 31 - Fractal Finance

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Online Streaming. One-time Payment.


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Fractal Flow is a company dedicated to create educational content only. Trading or investing carries a high degree of risk, and it's not suitable to all persons. Before deciding to trade or invest, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and ability to tolerate risk. The content provided on this website and its associated YouTube channel is for the sole purpose of education and assistance in making independent investment decisions. Any past performance results are shown for illustration and example only, are hypothetical and as such have many inherent limitations. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Trade at your own risk.

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