About us

Fractal Flow LTDA is a company entirely dedicated to provide quality educational material about trading, financial markets, economics, econometrics, and other related subjects like stochastic calculus, fractal geometry, linear algebra, game theory and so on. We do NOT provide trade signals, we do NOT provide chat rooms, we do NOT manage third party money, we do NOT provide any type of financial advice, and perhaps most importantly, we do NOT make empty promises. Our focus is entirely educational.

Nowadays, anyone with a social media account can create "educational material", but many of the so-called educators only provide empty promises about their paid services. The lack of seriousness about the real scope of knowledge that surrounds the markets makes it easy for less advised people to fall for silly temptations. Fractal Flow aims to change that by relying on what science has to say about trading the markets. Most people don't realize that there are fields of science that study the most effective ways of approaching the markets, and these fields like econometrics and behavioral economics ended up in many different Nobel Prizes. In other words, there is no need to trust empty promises because we can trust the judgement of an external and impartial mechanism called scientific method.

We don't pretend that trading is easy. We embrace the fact that on top of the supply and demand logic of the markets, there is a built-in element of uncertainty and randomness in trading. We do our best to take into account the real complexity of the markets and the individual aspects of each trader.

With that said, trying to study the serious literature about finance by yourself  can be difficult for those who don't have the necessary prerequisites. Fractal Flow also aims to facilitate that process by showing important ideas and concepts in a more intuitive way.

Most traders gravitate towards technical analysis in a first moment without really understanding its dangers. By learning more refined ideas, the trader can understand the pitfalls of technical analysis. We believe that 95% of technical analysis is unreliable for a variety of reasons, but we also assume there are some useful insights in it. We attempt to create this awareness by promoting the counterpoint between different fields of science. Our credibility to teach comes from the fact that we trust in the impartial judgement of the scientific method as a guiding light.

Most of what we do is FREE as you can see in the YouTube channel. We believe in creating an archive of information that serves to show the advantages and disadvantages of various trading techniques from the most simple until the most sophisticated. We do provide PAID courses and ebooks as well for those who wish to learn more and want to recognize the value in our efforts.